Below is a guide price list for 2016. The final price will depend on size and complexity (eg nature of clothing and background) to be agreed with the client. The prices quoted are for a single portrait with a plain background, and simple clothing. Add 70% extra for a portrait of a couple. All paintings are in oil on canvas/linen. Prices do not include cost of frame or delivery

Size (ins)cmsPrice
20 x 1650x40£2,500
24 x 2060x50£2,800
30 x 2576x63£3,300
36 x 2890x70£3,700
40 x 30100x76£4,000
50 x 40120x100£4,300
60 x 40150x100£4,800

Groups? - Yes, but no more than 3

Travel? Yes, but travel and overnight accommodation expenses (if required) will be charged at cost

Painting from Photographs? - Yes sittings? One

I work from hi-resolution photos, which I prefer to take myself. My paintings are detailed, and take many hours to complete, which would be impracticable to do from multiple sittings. I also believe that photographs are capable of capturing moments that are fleeting but revelatory, and when interpreted through paint can result in a powerful portrait. I have on occasion worked from client photos, but they have to be of sufficient quality/lighting etc. I would visit the client’s home/workplace, and make some preliminary sketches and take many photos (with my own portable studio lights if required). The choice of photo is in consultation with the client. The painting can take between 40 and 100 hours to complete, over several weeks. Progress photos will be emailed to the client for feedback (on issues such as composition and likeness). A 20% deposit is required for the sitting.

For a quote or extra information contact me via the Contact form